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Best online MBA programs

Nowadays, the Internet has solved so many problems to us all. One of the main things that it has changed is the ability to do things from a long distance, things that used to required you to move around your house outside your house or abroad, now can be done from the comfort of your house in your most comfortable sleepers and with a cup of tea or coffee in your hand.

This wonder has not turned out good just to sell or buy things, speak with friends and play games; it has also turned out very good for studies. The amounts of degrees that are available for you to study online are enormous and they were created, not by any anonymous place or university which you have never heard of before, but by very prestigious universities where you would not have second thoughts about studying in there. These universities saw the opportunity of being able of offering their programs, especially their MBA programs to students from all over the world, with the same quality and dedication. That is why wrapped up for you the best online MBA programs offered by these prestigious universities.

All you need to know about MBA

For most people, go to university is the ultimate goal in life, mainly because the most wanted and popular careers are teach in university. University certainly gives you a solid chance to get a good job because it prepares you for 5 years or more for that particular thing you want to do. Of course, not all careers need to be studied in university, some people just get them from hard work and dedication, but university gives structure and an idea of what to expect when you get to the work world.

Some time ago having an undergraduate degree was a huge thing and it was enough to build a career, but nowadays, although is still a great thing, it turns out it might not be enough. One never finishes to study; everything is updated every day, so besides getting a undergraduate degree you might need to get a postgraduate degree or some kind of specialization.

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One of these specialized studies is the MBA, so this article will tell you all you need to know about MBA studies. MBA is the abbreviation of Master of Business Administration and it is a master academic degree, also known as a postgraduate degree. They usually last two years and their content is divided in that space of time, living the first year to train the students in the knowledge of the business world and the context, plus the operative functions of a company and the second year is about economical and management subjects, more applied to what you will be actually doing when you manage a company or any business.

Differences between MBAs and other masters in business degrees

In case you are considering getting a postgraduate degree in business, after you got your undergraduate degree, you may find different options to choose from: Master of Science (MA), MSc or Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The main and core courses of any of these postgraduate degrees aim to introduce advanced-level topics and subjects in areas of business and companies such as finance, marketing, accounting, human resources and operations management. Many of these programs do offer a large range of elective courses, although some of them are already specialized in one particular area from the very beginning.

Dual-degree programs

Certainly, journalism has become over the years in a much demanded degree. The urge to know and inform has grown over the last decades and it has become a very easy thing to do thanks to the Internet, at least in terms of quantity, quality is another subject. The power of information and the power of the word have gain importance and relevance in every sense, so study journalism offers a wide range of work possibilities but a very competitive one too.

Despite this, every journalist at the end specializes in a genre and in a field. They can specialize in interviews, news, radio, reports, etc and in finance, economy, arts, sports, investigative journalism, etc. Each journalist that decides to specialize in certain area is sometimes received with doubts because they are not certainly economists or athletes, they just have inform themselves very well enough to understand what these people talk about and they even can get another degree but in the mean time, they need to do a lot of research.

Full time MBA ranking

Getting a MBA postgraduate degree may be the first step in your successful business career. It definitely will give you all the tools you will need to get in touch with the business world and get a grasp of marketing, finance, economics, information systems, supply, human resources and more. It certainly requires a little more preparation than other master’s degrees that only required a specific undergraduate degree or such that are usually aimed to those students getting out of an undergraduate level. A master in business administration requires you to have some work experience in the field, at least a couple of years, more if you are aiming to get an executive MBA.

MBA top universities

Getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can open a lot of doors when it comes to getting into the business world. This master is designed to prepare you to manage or run a business or a company, to know about finances, logistics, economics, management, human resources and more. There are universities that offer this master as a dual-degree program to get the specialization right away, like the University of Columbia with their dual-degree program with between the Business School and the Journalism School, but if are not up to that you better get starting to find where to get a good MBA degree.

To help you find the best university where to get a MBA degree we ordered for you a MBA top universities list for you to choose the option that suits your interests the best. At the top of the list there are three American universities: Stanford University, Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania (Wharton). These three are followed by the University of Chicago (Booth), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Northwestern University (Kellogg), University of California – Berkeley (Hass), Columbia University (NY), Dartmouth College (Tuck) and the University of Virginia (Darden).